Rauch Consulting will provide the insight, foresight, technology expertise and innovative platforms that will enable companies to implement key changes that will empower business planning, processes and development so they can efficiently meet evolving Print industry demands, consistently and successfully.



Strategic Planning for a Better Future

With challenge comes change; with change comes opportunity. Define new, better business goals: See new solutions and opportunities and move beyond current questions and concerns by overcoming obstacles and technology constraints… Set achievable objectives and integrate ways to measure success.
Embrace, Evolve, Engage!


THE CUSTOMER DATABASE - Your Most Valued Asset

Leverage the value of most-valued assets – your current customers – with an accessible, meaningful and up-to-date client database. Add new ways to be pro-active through growth-focused communication with your customers.


an optimized and automated workflow – a win win!

Free up resources and focus on valuable innovation and business development opportunities by developing efficient operations; streamlined, transparent, commercially-focused and competitive.


CHALLENGE MEETS CHANGE – Workshops and Seminars

Educate and engage your staff with clear, comprehensive and captivating information to keep your organization aligned to your goals and allow your people to be a pro-active part of positive change.


Our offering is all about the simple phrase “make it work!”.

We want you to define your business goals while we derive from it all  technological tasks on the way, present them to you in “your language” and implement them accordingly.

No hassle, no hesitation anymore. When working with us we quickly become your “trusted advisor”.

Our vast experience in the different fields of technology enables us to offer you not only a solution to your challenge but probably the most cost-effective and suitable way to overcome the challenge.

Automated Workflow

Todays world is the world of buyers. It is all about experience, easy accessible content and transparency. The printing industry and its products are not an exception. Even the office administrator, that is ordering new business cards and letterheads is expecting the same buying experience as buying a new book at Amazon. Whether you sell B2C or B2B in the end you actually sell H2H (Human-to-Human).

So how is workflow connected to this topic?
In the past we argued that automated workflow is necessary to cope with higher workload as a result of high volume of short runs. This is still true, of course. Nevertheless, even if you may be able to handle the workload without workflow integration you definitely will not be able to give your customer the feeling of being personally served by informing him about relevant phases of his order (transparency), offer him related products at a discount (cross/up selling) and tell him about new techniques to improve his products (content) – all this for every order – small as large – B2B as B2C – AT YOUR CONTROL.

Our offering includes all the phases necessary to analyze, define, set up and run an end-to-end automation for your business’ operation.
On the other hand we are totally aware of the impact, that such a change imposes on your company. Therefore we have developed a unique methodology, which combines the Top-Down and Bottom-Up approach together with some techniques “ borrowed” from the performance tuning world. This methodology enables us to show quick-wins without loosing touch with the main business objectives.

IT Integration

IT Integration can be a significant challenge. Every business is utilizing various systems to support different parts of its operations. Whether its accounting, customer service, floor operations or others all those systems are capturing and maintaining crucial data of your company. Your IT makes up the backbone of internal and external communications. Unfortunately, in most cases all those crucial system are not interconnected in any way or exchanging information at least. While you strive to achieve best efficiency and cost-minimization for your operations those not-talking system are a real show-stopper!
We are convinced that even with little effort this situation can be changed dramatically. In most cases we manage to make a major improvements in information flow without replacing any system. This improved information flow will then lead to a better decision making process and will enhance your operation workflow immensely. Have in mind: “Your automation is only as good as the information you feed it!”

Market Automation

On your way from a commercial print house to a communication service provider you will have to confront yourself with the digital world and its new rules.

Your todays customers’ are “using” you only for one of many available channels within their branding and marketing strategy. Although you should be their natural partner in defending their brand on all existing channels, they still categorize you as their “ink on paper” supplier.
This should come to an end!
Extend your service portfolio by adding additional digital medias and offer all kinds of distribution channels for your customers’ messages. Market automation is the methodology and there are several platforms to support this service.
We will be happy to escort you during this exciting build-up project. We will help you choose the right platform, set it up for you and build a robust environment for your customers market campaigns to come.
Your competitive advantage will be the fact that you can help your customer make the best-fit decision about what channel to use including print to convert as highly as possible.
You become the distribution hub for all marketing messages your customers spread over the world.
Our offering:
  • choose  suitable platform(s) (preferably SAAS)
  • setting up the platform as well as integrating it into existing processes
  • self-promote (gain first customers)
  • Perform first campaigns
  • Educate
  • Knowledge Transfer
Your gains in a nutshell:
  • Add a totally new revenue source
  • Increase your revenue by offering your existing customers this complementing service
  • New positioning: from “ink on paper” supplier to business partner helping to achieve your customers’ goals
  • Utilize the market automation platform to self-promote your business

B2C & B2B Portals

Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb and many more service portals have put a very high standard in quick and enjoyable purchase experience. No industry can afford to stay behind. Whether B2B or B2C – an appealing and promoting e-commerce presence is a must!
We are experienced in implementing B2C and B2B portals on various platforms. This implementation process does not only include the e-commerce itself but also an integration into your current IT and operations environment.

Our offering:

  • Analyze concrete requirements (aligned to pre-defined business goals)
  • Choose a suitable platform
  • Implement
  • Escort the first steps
  • educate internal staff
  • hand-over

Your immediate gains will include:

  • Guarantee existing revenue by binding existing customer
  • Utilize e-commerce platform to gain geographically near end-users
  • Increase revenue by gaining new customer with new and value-added products
  • Utilize a B2B2C strategy by offering products to your customers’ employees
  • Stay competitive and reduce cost and effort by integrating portals into the internal automation

Workshops & Seminars

Introducing new systems with resulting new work procedures and process is always a challenge. Even if the improvement is easily proven your staff will try to convince you that “the old way is the best way” “if it works don’t touch it” and “we do not need those new stuff”.
You can of course use your authority to force you through those obstacles but why not winning support for your new ideas.
Rauch Consulting proudly offers education for various topics as well as via different channels.
We are using heavily the webinar platform as it provides the most flexible way to put education on your calendar. We of course offer also the traditional way with seminars and workshops.
Amongst our topics:

  • Automated Workflow – and everything connected to it
  • Pitstop Pro – become a professional
  • IT Integration – utilize your investment best

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

Technology Enabler


Communication is vital to the success of every organization, no matter what kind of business you are in. The largest portion of that critical communication is comprised of the files your business creates, receives and shares with customers, partners, and employees. Enfocus Switch is the glue that orchestrates all necessary steps  each incoming file must go through on a fully automated journey to your product.

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Packed with all the functionality of Pitstop Pro, Pitstop Server is the stand-alone version equipped with all the necessary add-ons to enable automation. Action list that were prepared in Pitstop Pro or directly in Pitstop Server can easily be applied to incoming files via hot folder methodology.
Bundling  Pitstop Server with Enfocus Switch (PitStop2Switch) brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process by monitoring multiple file submission points including FTP/SFTP servers, email addresses and network hot folders to intelligently route your files to PitStop Server for PDF Preflight and Correction. PitStop2Switch can also fully automate delivery and archival of production files, with notifications sent to all relevant parties that your jobs are ready to go.

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Checking the quality of PDF files before printing is absolutely essential to ensure a correct result. Preflighting PDF files — checking and correcting errors before you go to print, without having to go back to the designer or native application — has become standard practice in the industry. You avoid costly reprints, keep production moving, and the presses rolling. PitStop Pro is your pocket knife for PDF preflight and editing. It enables you to manually edit and correct PDF files in a matter of seconds, without leaving your familiar Adobe Acrobat environment.

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Connect YOU is the perfect product for Designers that want production-ready files after finishing the design. Using preflighting as well as in Pitstop Pro pre-prepared Action Lists your files will be converted to PDF and ready for print in seconds.

It integrates seamlessly into Adobe Design Suite products. Your files will  then of course be sent  directly to your commercial printer via FTP or directly into an Enfocus Switch flow.

Connect YOU frees you from having to remember production setting every time you have to send a job to your printer.

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Enfocus Connect ALL enables you to prepare the functionality of Connect YOU (via so-called Connectors)  for all your customers. That way you make sure that all files that are sent to you go through a predefined check with corrections according to your definitions. You can define as many different Connectors as you need and distribute them amongst your customers. Of course all the files will be eventually sent to you via your selected method.

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While Connect ALL and Connect YOU are preflighting and correcting files at your customers’ site Enfocus Connect SEND is the perfect solution for sending files directly to a Enfocus Switch environment. It enables the customer to fill in Metadata – pre-defined by you – which will help you make the right decisions in you flow.

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HP SmartStream Designer, optimized for use with HP Indigo technology, makes it easy to create sophisticated, personalized print campaigns. It integrates into your familiar Adobe Indesign environment. With this design software plug-in, you can conveniently personalize any print job’s images, text, and colors to maximize impact. It also allows you to format the layout of your variable data print jobs using intuitive imposition templates.

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Boost productivity with HP SmartStream Composer, a powerful personalization jobs composition tool for HP SmartStream Designer templates. Ideal for HP Indigo and HP Inkjet Web press customers, it allows you to efficiently process jobs from capture to print. You can also create and submit VDP jobs automatically.

In addition Smartstream Composer offers a powerful imposition engine that can be integrated into your workflow for upstream imposition requirements.

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HP SmartStream Director, powered by Pageflex® and optimized for HP Indigo presses, automates your digital print workflow. The solution provides a suite of tools to manage and streamline print production—plus the ability to easily build an unlimited number of business-to-business web storefronts with automated press delivery to the press.

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The HP SmartStream Production Center allows you to efficiently receive, produce, and deliver high volumes of short-run print jobs. With monitoring, system customization, job submission automation, and productivity optimization tools, you can take control of your production process.

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HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server is a versatile, high-performance print server for multiple HP Indigo digital presses.   You’ll have a single point of control, and with automated job routing and processing, you can save time and meet even the most sophisticated requests. Depend on a scalable, modular architecture to increase performance as your business grows.   This print server is particularly suited for advanced printing operations with mid- to high-volume requirements, including those printing direct mail, publications, and photo specialty applications. It is also well suited for general commercial printers specializing in digital printing and for providers with hybrid offset/digital workflows.

Smartstream Production Pro Print Server fully complies with JDF protocol and can therefore easily be integrated in any workflow engine.

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Many organizations operate under the misconception that technology should drive business.
Our vast experience taught us differently.

Founded in 2012, Rauch Consulting aims to help small and medium businesses find their true growth engines.
Attacked by the unbelievably fast changing world, business owners try to pace by buying new software platforms based on what we call “featureology”.  In most cases those systems become white elephants or are implemented only to find out that they not really improve the business.

Please do not misunderstand us: We love technology!

The big challenge in this new world is for you to solely focus on your business goals. Having defined those goals, then – and only then – you can look for appropriate software systems to support you on your way. This is exactly where we see our part in your business world. Rauch Consulting is dedicated to map your business goals, once properly defined, to the most cost-efficient and suitable technology platforms. We then, help you implementing all the required processes,  train your staff and stay in the background for ongoing support wherever and whenever needed.
It probably takes decades for technology geeks to understand that technology never is the goal but always a mean, a powerful tool on the way to your goal!
Rauch Consulting has made this extra mile. We are still fascinated by new technologies, we  study them and put them in our virtual suitcase only to pull them out when they are really needed.


Ariel Rauch is a visionary and business-oriented Senior Executive with demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing cutting edge information technology solutions to address business opportunities. Development of strategic plans for worldwide implementation and operation of client services, quality assurance and training.

Mr. Rauch has more than 25 years of achievement in leveraging technology to drive organizational growth, performance, profitability, and expand intellectual property capital. Capable of orchestrating transformative business strategy through data-driven decisions.

As a senior expert focusing on the seam between technology and business strategy he specializes in evaluating new market situations, building a strategy and neutralizing technology obstacles, in order to have business leaders focus on the their business goals.

It’s rare to find such a senior manager that is also a tech guru.
Nir Galili, AVG Technologies
Ariel is a sharp business person with a strong sense of technology. He is very aware of the details but it doesn’t prevent him from seeing the bigger picture.
Above all, Ariel is trustworthy and fun to work with.
Hanan Gelbendorf, BuzzHunter
Ariel is a top level manager as well as technical authority, he is very knowledgeable and a quick learner.
Shai Peri, TradeFX Ltd.
Ariel always strives for excellence.
He is a strong, passionate leader and with a keen focus on the business goal.
Nathan Slonim, 3M Israel
Ariel’s professionalism and analytical mind are incomparable. He has a deep understanding of the business and technical side of any project. Many times, I’ve witnessed him finding solutions for problems by bringing to the table his rich experience combined with his technical background.
Sylvie Ben-Tsvi, Ituran Location services LTD
Ariel is a born leader and probably the most honest business man I know.
I was lucky to have him as my boss for 7 years.
His aspiration for perfection brings out the best in everyone that works with him.
Rudi Malhi, Budgeta Inc.

Building Your Success


No doubt that today Enfocus is the leading software company in PDF quality assurance as well as in pre-press automation.
Rauch Consulting is utilizing their software suite to cope with any challenge a customer may be confronted with whether as a brand owner, an agency or a printer.


As the leading vendor of digital presses HP Indigo provides software solutions that supports printers in coping with many of their daily challenges. In addition to the rich functionality all the software system are highly integrative and make it therefore very easy to connect them to any automated workflow solution that exists on the customers’ floor.

Integromat is the glue of the internet
It is the most advanced online automation platform. It redefined work automation so everyone can get back to what matters the most. Integromat will automate processes that are currently handled manually. It is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require any intervention.

Automation Drives Results.

This is the foundation of all of Ultimate TechnoGraphics development and today, Print Service Providers worldwide benefit from increased productivity in a digital and hybrid environment. Ultimate is a leader in imposition and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of providing and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders.

Partner with Experts



Every project in modern industries has its technological challenges as well as the creative side. The digital appearance – no matter in what context – becomes crucial and requires highest expertise and experience.

the BuzzHunters are a technology-driven international creative agency, specializing in design and development of interactive solutions,user experience (UX), creative and social marketing intelligence.They work with corporate marketing departments in companies as large as Fortune 500.

Rauch Consulting and BuzzHunter have joined forces in several mutual customers’ projects in order to provide state-of-the-art solutions  by combining expertise of different disciplines.


You cannot talk the talk if you are not listening to your customers. There is no better place than Dscoop for participating and contributing to the largest active user community in the printing industry.

Short for Digital Solutions Cooperative, Dscoop is an independent community of HP Graphic Arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Indigo, Scitex, High-End Latex and IHPS equipment. Founded in 2005, Dscoop membership now supports HP Graphic Arts users throughout the Americas,Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Rauch Consulting is constantly contributing to the professional channels of the community. As a speaker at the annual Dscoop event Mr. Rauch took ownership on the automated workflow sessions. In addition, Rauch Consulting is actively contributing content to Dscoop Academy – a modern school for  printers all over the world.

We’d love To Meet You In Person Or Via The Web!

Main Office: Tel Aviv, Israel
Email: info@rauch.consulting

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