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Rauch Consulting will provide the insight, foresight, technology expertise and innovative platforms that will enable companies to implement key changes that will empower business planning, processes and development so they can efficiently meet evolving Print industry demands, consistently and successfully.



Strategic Planning for a Better Future

With challenge comes change; with change comes opportunity. Become part of tomorrow not a memory of yesteryear. Define new, better business goals: See new solutions and opportunities and move beyond current questions and concerns by overcoming obstacles and technology constraints… Set achievable objectives and integrate ways to measure success.
Embrace, Evolve, Engage!


THE CUSTOMER DATABASE - Your Most Valued Asset

Leverage the value of most-valued assets – your current customers – with an accessible, meaningful and up-to-date client database. Add new ways to be pro-active through growth-focused communication with your customers.


an optimized and automated workflow – a win win!

Free up resources and focus on valuable innovation and business development opportunities by developing efficient operations; streamlined, transparent, commercially-focused and competitive.


CHALLENGE MEETS CHANGE – Workshops and Seminars

Educate and engage your staff with clear, comprehensive and captivating information to keep your organization aligned to your goals and allow your people to be a pro-active part of positive change.

Technology Enabler

Ariel Rauch is a visionary and business-oriented Senior Executive with demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing cutting edge information technology solutions to address business opportunities. Development of strategic plans for worldwide implementation and operation of client services, quality assurance and training.

Mr. Rauch has more than 25 years of achievement in leveraging technology to drive organizational growth, performance, profitability, and expand intellectual property capital. Capable of orchestrating transformative business strategy through data-driven decisions.

As a senior expert focusing on the seam between technology and business strategy he specializes in evaluating new market situations, building a strategy and neutralizing technology obstacles, in order to have business leaders focus on the their business goals.

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